Pre-Pour Agar FAQ

How do I store my agar?

Store in a cool dry place. Not in the fridge, consistent temp is best otherwise excessive condensation will form on the plates. Only open in an aseptic environment (still air box or in front of a flow unit) seal the bag after use with an impulse sealer or tape. Alternatively you can just individually seal plates.

How do I seal plates?

You can use parafilm (How to video) or alternative techniques outlined here.

How long do they last?

They should be good for a month from purchase (most last much longer if stored correctly). After this time they can start to dry out, but should remain uncontaminated.

Why are there different colours?

Addition of colours to agar media is a mostly an aesthetic decision, it allows for contrasting of mycelium and spore germination, but mostly it looks cool. Charcoal excluded which does provide a negligible antibacterial properly (in the PDA / PDYA plates). 

I actually don't know what I'm doing with agar...

No worries, you should join our Discord community and ask for help in the #agar channel. One of our staff, moderators or community members can help you out in detail.

My agar arrived (weird / contaminated / smashed up)

Argggh! Sorry about that, get in touch with support team and we will replace them.